I began my love of art at a young age. With inspiration from movies such as BEAT STREET and WiLD STYLE. Drawing and then graffiti were the first methods of expression for me and i worked commercially while in Amsterdam creating art murals for stores and restaurants while continuing my personal art as well. At 19, i purchased my first Macintosh computer and began exploring new programs such as Painter, which allows users to develop their own art work in a much shorter time span. Learning these computer programs escalated the extent of artwork i could achieve. Able to finish projects in one hour that would have taken weeks, i was able to explore new genres of art.

During art school i excelled in graphic design and photography graduating to enter the advertising world. At Ogilvy i worked with clients such as Philips, Canon, Mercedes, Red Bull, and many other Fortune 500 companies as an art director. To work through my ideas with clients i would sketch out pictures of how i wanted the photography to look and, in doing so, realized my calling was photography and design.

Much of my inspiration comes from music and fashion that helps me to continuously mold my personal style. With new music consistently hitting the scene i utilizes the fusion of music, life and art in my photography. I have worked with high end fashion companies, as well as portfolio work and editorial, to documentary and advertising.

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